A Love Story


My Story

I began papercrafting when I discovered what a Cricut was. I thought it was the neatest thing I had ever seen, so I went to the internet and started searching what all I could make. I started with making 3D paper flowers, and as I was searching patterns and instructional videos, I ran across someone using a Stampin' Up! ink pad to shade the petals of a succulent pattern and was mesmerized as she talked about the quality of Stampin' Up!'s products and the juicy ink pad she was using. That led me to search Stampin' Up! on Pinterest which led me to beautiful cards being made by these extraordinary women! They all seemed so happy, and I loved what they were making, so I bought a bunch of products from our local craft stores and was disappointed in the somewhat dry ink pads, flimsy paper and stamps that didn't make a crisp image.

So, I ordered some products from Stampin' Up! and fell in love! Honestly, I've never found a craft quite so gratifying --both when I make the card, and when I hear from the person I sent it to!