Blackberry Beauty

A while back before Slimline cards became so popular among us, I found one that appealed to me, so I saved it just in case I ever wanted to make one. It was a card from a Facebook group I'm a member of called NC Stampin' Up Demos, and the demonstrator's name who offered it at an October 2020 Stamp Along was Laurie B. Meier at Well, I had no idea when I saved it that it had a special mechanism on it. I just knew it was a gatefold, and that I would eventually want to make one and would need the dimensions. So, the time came last week when I was looking for some inspiration, and I remembered the Slimline card I had tucked away for a later date. I pulled it up, and the demonstrator had thankfully put her name on it along with her website and the event she made it for. That was a good thing for me to experience because I'm forever posting cards and not wanting to stop and brand it. So now I know, it can be helpful!

Once I started reading, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a little more to it than what I originally thought. The diamond shape in the middle is a sliding piece that keeps the card closed until you slide it off!

How cool is that? The card she wrote the instructions for used a square in the middle, but I thought I could probably apply the same science to a diamond, and I was right! You could also use a circle or any shape for that matter as long as you can find a center point of the piece you use. Take a look at the quick video I made just to demonstrate the mechanics. I won't bore you with the details of the card but the mechanism is worth the watch. You'll find the video here. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up.

I bring my finished cards that I'm excited about to work sometimes and share them with anyone who will listen lol. My favorite co-worker, Cookie, immediately claimed this Slimline Slider card as "her birthday card!" She's a nut, and everybody loves her -- never a dull day when she's in the office!

Now, let me go on and on about this beautiful Blackberry Beauty paper for a minute too. All the spots on the pictures you see that look like yellow (thanks to my lack of knowledge when it comes to photography) is really gold foil and absolutely gorgeous! Can someone please request card kits using this paper so I can purchase some more? Wait, I decided to offer card kits whether anyone requested them or not! They can be found on my home page under the menu name "Online Classes." Just click there, then click on each class/kit offered to read more about it and see additional photos. You can also click here to go there now. Here are some other cards I made using the Blackberry Beauty Designer Series Paper.

I used the Nature's Harvest Cling Stamp set and the coordinating dies in each card except the one on the end which is JUST PAPER (pun intended website)! I included the fun fold below in the card kits I'm offering. It's just a little different than a regular card and displays the beautiful paper so well.

While you're here, check out my gallery for more inspiration. If you're not quite ready to start making your holiday cards yet, check back on my site later at . I plan to offer my Christmas card kits all the way up to a couple of weeks before Christmas, and I plan to offer my Fall card kits indefinitely because they can really be sent anytime you want to tell someone you appreciate them. The way that will work is once you purchase the kit, give me 2-3 weeks to order the supplies, make the kits (including die cuts, envelopes, etc.) and ship them out to you. That way, you don't have to worry about a deadline.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you'll give the slider card a try!

Take care,

Kim Webb