Tip Toe Through Flowering Tulips

The launch of a new catalog is so exciting! I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new stuff, but it turns out, I could wait, because that's what I did. I can't explain why I waited until this week to cast my eyes on my new products, much less my hands. Another thing I can't explain is why I reached for the bundle that wasn't my favorite and was the scariest thing I received in my new stash...the Flowering Tulips bundle. There were so many dies (17 to be exact) with so many choices - enough to scare a 2 year stamper into hiding. But I powered through it and came up with a lovely card!

I'm writing this blog with the sole purpose of sharing my "experience, strength and hope" (a favorite AA slogan) with this bundle in hopes that you won't be scared to give it a try. If you do give it a try, I hope you will share your experience too. Since these things don't come with instructions, we have to rely on each other to figure them out, and to me, that's the beauty of our stamping community!

So, here's what I did and what I ended up with: (reference the picture)

  • I identified all of the dies that went with a stamp and set them aside. (first column in pic.) I did this because we all know how to stamp and cut the shape out, and that got rid of 7 dies.

  • Next, I identified the dies that did not go with a stamp and did not seem to be part of the 3D flower. (second column) There goes 3 more dies in the set aside pile.

  • There were only 7 dies remaining that made the 3D flowers you see in the catalog. Three of those 7 (first row in column 3) were exactly alike and appear to be a single petal or bud. That left 3 flower parts that have one or more score lines in them, and 1 v-shaped die (last picture).

  • I cut all of the flower pieces (all dies in the last column) out of the same color of card stock to begin with. I folded the pieces on the score lines and stuck the petals (the three dies that were alike) and the v-shaped die into the folded pieces until I came up with something that resembled a Tulip. My favorite combination and what I used in the card with the white background (my first card) are the last two dies (one with one score line and the v-shape) plus one of the petal dies (the three that are alike).

On the purple card, I used the same combination of the last 2 dies plus a petal die or 2, then I made a bud using only the v-shaped die plus 2 petals. I used Flowering Fields DSP on both cards and embellished one card with the new brushed brass butterflies and the other card with the new iridescent rhinestones. Love the brushed brass butterflies because they are flat and won't be so bumpy in the envelope.

That's it. It really boiled down to just 3 dies to make the flower that I liked the best. Now I'm excited to see what you and other demonstrators come up with. I would love it if you could show your creations and ideas for this bundle in my Facebook Group at Just Paper, LLC.

My Facebook Group - that's another story! When I first set it up, I wanted a safe place for my beginning stampers to post their creations, so I made it private. Well, you can't change it to public once you have deemed it private. Now, those beginning stampers have gotten so good that you can't tell their creations from mine, and I want to show them off to the public, but Facebook won't let me lol. Another thing I screwed up on when I created my FB group is I named it Just Paper, LLC. and I do mean "period!" When you search for the Facebook Group, you have to include the period after the LLC. I aim to create a new group at some point in time that is public and easy to search, but until then, even though it shows as a "private group," I have the settings arranged so that you don't have to get approval to join. I was such a rookie setting up that Facebook Group. Hope someone can learn from me sharing this little tidbit of information!

Thanks for checking out my post, and I hope you have lots of fun with new products from the 2022 January-June Mini Catalog. As far as the Flowering Tulips bundle goes, fear not, because if I can do it, anyone can!

Take care,